43% OFF! Bright Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter Racket with Torch worth Rs. 1,750 for just Rs. 990 inclusive warranty!

43% OFF! Bright Rechargeable Mosquito Swatter Racket with Torch worth Rs. 1,750 for just Rs. 990 inclusive warranty!

This rechargeable mosquito swatter racket is an impressive device to kill mosquitoes and keep your family free from diseases. The mosquito swatter racket is user friendly and can be plugged into the AC mains for charging. A green light indicates when the charging is in progress and when the red light glows, it lets you know that power is being transferred within the net layers. By pressing the button and swinging it, mosquitoes get electrocuted by the electric field present on the net. This electric field is safe for children and humans as it consists of a low power input that can only harm insects.

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Directions for Use:

  • Plug the Bat in the AC mains supply.
  • Confirm the red light glows in the bat handle while charging the battery for 24hrs initially.
  • Remove the mosquito bat. Now the unit is ready for use.
  • Press the button the green light indicates the power transfers in the net layers.
  • Bring the device close to the mosquitoes insect.
  • Gently swing/ oscillate the hunter with the button pressed, so that the net touches or comes close to the mosquitoes/ insects.
  • The electric field will attract them and kill instantly with sound.
  • Dead mosquitoes on the net can be brushed off immediately.


  • Safe power input harmful to insect only not to human being and pets
  • Insects are killed instantly on the spot by electric shock.
  • Environmentally 100% safe.
  • Convenient to handle for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • No smell, no environmental pollution.
  • The net delivers a high voltage with low current which is deadly for any insect


  • Rechargeable
  • On/ Off Button
  • Safe: The net forms in 3 layers, so as to prevent shocks.
  • Economical - The batteries can be recharged more than 500 cycles, there by reduces the cost.
  • Battery Charger: Built-in Battery and Charger is provided with this bat to recharge the batteries whenever required. The Bat is charged at 230V input only.


  • Do not touch the net while the unit is 'ON' .Use dry brushes to clean the bat.
  • Don't touch the net with metal articles to initiate sparks for fun, as it may give shocks and spoil the unit.
  • Drop the burn'-out insects shucks to the net, soon after the device's use. This is to avoid unnecessary sparks that cause loss of cell life.
  • Don't touch the net immediately after switched "Off", because the charge remains for 15seconds.
  • Do not use the bat near flammable gas/liquid.
  • Do not press the switch, while the bat is being charged.

Don't allow the children to use the 'Hunter'.

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